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At Canova Marine Insurance, we specialize in Florida boat insurance.  Our custom tailored boat insurance programs are designed for charter fishing boats, passenger vessels, tow/tug boats, mega yachts, pleasure craft, etc.  In addition, providing you with the broadest coverage possible and to save you money .       

Canova Marine Insurance realizes that you want your boat insurance handled by a marine insurance agency that will provide consistent quality service. Our established high standards bring to you more than sixteen years of specialized experience in the marine insurance industry.    We will continue to search and provide you with the most cost effective premiums with highly rated and reputable companies that will fit your specific needs.

If you wish to obtain a competitive quote call us today or complete the easy online quote form.  We will gladly follow-up with a quote for your consideration.  
Now is the time to do business with insurance professionals that understand and care about your needs.  Canova Marine Insurance will work to provide the quality service you deserve. 

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With our specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. With so many options, we’ll help you find the perfect insurance.

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If you have any questions, please call us at (904) 246-2574 or visit our Contact page to send us a quick message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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